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Speed Switches
Speed Switch Series 2220 Type F
With Production Equipment -- Euclid Type F switches may be incorporated to stop motor drives in case of machine jams or overloads; energize electromagnetic clutches and brakes; indicate (with a counter) equipment starts and stops; prevent slowdowns and reversals of mixers and centrifuges; provide reversal and unwanted motion protection for compressors, pumps, electric motors, test equipment; automatically shift gears on machine tools and power transmission; indicate motion or broken shaft for stamping presses.
  •   Catalog 2200, 2300
  •   Instructions, Publication 130
  •   Repair Parts 2220
  •   Repair Parts RPC 2220-1
  •   Price List 2220, May 2010

Speed Responsive Switch 2220
No Part
Description Image Stock
1 HIC-HC00720300 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC13 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720300
- 0 $5,280.00
2 HIC-HC00720310 Hubbell ICD Speed Switch 
Part 2220-111CC13F 
aka HC00720310 
Speed Switch  
Ships in 20 Days, NC Archdale 
Dated 01-2020
- 0 $5,988.00
3 HIC-HC00720320 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC13FS [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720320
- 0 $8,042.00
4 HIC-HC00720340 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC13S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720340
- 0 $6,838.00
5 HIC-HC00720400 Hubbell Speed Switch 
Part HC00720400 
part 00720400 2220-111CC4 
aka HC00720400 
Ships in 20 days 
Dated 1/18
- 0 $5,564.00
6 HIC-HC00720440 Hubbell Speed Switch 
part 2220-111CC43 
aka HC00720440 
Ships in 30 days or sooner 
Dated 1/18
- 0 $7,120.00
7 HIC-HC00720450 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC4SS [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720450
- 0 $9,670.00
8 HIC-HC00720700 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC7 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720700
- 0 $7,616.00
9 HIC-HC00720740 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC7S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720740
- 0 $9,174.00
10 HIC-HC00720750 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC7SS [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720750
- 0 $11,722.00
11 HIC-HC00720900 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC9 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720900
- 0 $7,900.00
12 HIC-HC00720940 Hubbell ICD Speed Switch 2220 
Part 2220-111CC9S  
aka HC00720940 
Motion - Loss of Motion Protection 
Via Mechanical - Centrifugal Force 
2220 = Fluid - Eddy Current Type 
1 = Rotor Code - Standard 
1 = Spring Type - Heavy 
1 = Contact Type - Directional  
CC = NO - NC, S.P.D.T. Single Pole Double Throw 
9 = Enclosure Explosion Proof - Class 2, Groups E,F or G; Div 1 or 2 
S = Single Speed Increaser - 2.94 to 1  
Option F = Flange Mounting 
Snap Action - Precision Switch Type - Directional Contacts - AC Voltage 
Maximum Speed 680 RPM 
Contact Adjustment Range: 
Minimum RPM 
Ascending 2 - Descending 1 
Maximum RPM  
Ascending 8 - Descending 5 
0.625 Inch Input Shaft 
Field Adjustable 
Ships in 49 Days, NC Archdale 
Dated 061-2024
- 0 $9,458.00
13 HIC-HC00720950 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-111CC9SS [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00720950
- 0 $12,006.00
14 HIC-HC00721310 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-112CC13F [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00721310
- 0 $6,268.00
15 HIC-HC00721320 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-112CC13FS [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00721320
- 0 $8,322.00
16 HIC-HC00721400 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-112CC4 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00721400
- 0 $5,844.00
17 HIC-HC00721440 Hubbell ICD Speed Switch 
Part 00721440 
aka HC00721440 
Cat 2220-112CC4S 
Ships in 20 Days, NC Archdale 
Dated 1-2020
- 1 $7,684.00
18 HIC-HC00721940 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-112CC9S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00721940
- 0 $9,738.00
19 HIC-HC00722310 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-113CC13F [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00722310
- 0 $6,268.00
20 HIC-HC00722400 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-113CC4 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00722400
- 0 $5,844.00
21 HIC-HC00723300 Hubbell ICD Speed Switch  
Part 00723300 2220-121CC13 
aka HC00723300 
2220 = Mechanical Operation, Fluid - Eddy Current 
1 = Flywheel Type Heavy 
2 = Spring Type - Medium 
1 = Directional 
CC = Contacts SPDT, N.O. 
13 = NEMA 13, Industrial use standard 
Operating Range Ascending 1 to 90 RPM 
Operating Range Descending 1 to 59 RPM 
Factory Calibrated 
XXX RPM Acsending 
XXX RPM Desending 
Non Directional 
Field Adjustable 
Maximum Speed 2000 RPM 
Rotation Sensing - Directional 
Voltage - AC Only, 120 - 240 Volts AC 
Type F NEMA 4 
Surface Mount Enclosure 
Calibration Rangers must be provided at time of order entry 
Ships in 20 Work Days, NC Archdale 
Dated 1-2020
- 0 $5,280.00
22 HIC-HC00723310 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-121CC13F [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00723310
- 0 $5,988.00
23 HIC-HC00723340 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-121CC13S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00723340
- 0 $6,838.00
24 HIC-HC00723350 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-121CC13SS [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00723350
- 0 $9,386.00
25 HIC-HC00723400 Hubbell ICD Speed Switch 2220  
Part 2220-121CC4 
aka HC00723400 
2220 = Mechanical Operation, Fluid / Eddy Current 
1 = Flywheel Type Heavy 
2 = Spring Type - Medium 
1 = Directional 
C = Contacts SPDT, N.O. 
4 = NEMA 4 Enclosure, Water Resistant 
Operating Range Ascending 1 to 90 RPM 
Operating Range Descending 1 to 59 RPM 
Factory Calibrated 
XXX RPM Ascending 
XXX RPM Descending 
Non Directional 
Field Adjustable 
Maximum Speed 2000 RPM 
Rotation Sensing - Directional 
Voltage - AC Only, 120 - 240 Volts AC 
Type F NEMA 4 
Surface Mount Enclosure 
Calibration Rangers must be provided at time of order entry 
Ships in 49 Work Days, NC Archdale 
Dated 07-2024
- 0 $4,538.63
26 HIC-HC00723440 Hubbell ICD Speed switch  
Part 2220-121CC4S 
aka HC00723440  
Ships in 4 to 6 Weeks 
Dated 01-2020
- 0 $7,120.00
27 HIC-HC00723900 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-121CC9 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00723900
- 0 $7,900.00
28 HIC-HC00723940 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-121CC9S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00723940
- 0 $9,458.00
29 HIC-HC00723950 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-121CC9SS [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00723950
- 0 $12,006.00
30 HIC-HC00725400 Hubbell ICD Speed Switch 2200 
Part 00725400 
part 2220-123CC4 
aka HC00725400 
EUCLID Type PR Series 
Mechanical, Opened - Closed by Centrifugal Force 
2220 = Fluid/Eddy Current Type 
1 = Flywheel, Heavy 
2 = Spring Type, Medium 
3 = Contact Type, CW Activation Only 
CC = N.O. - N.C., S.P.D.T. Switches 
4 = NEMA 4 Enclosure, Water Resistant 
2 Circuit 
No other options 
Trip Range Ascending 80 to 2550 
Trip Range Descending 65 to 2450 
Maximum Speed 3600 RPM  
Silver to Silver Contacts 
0.625 Inch Diameter Input Shaft 
Ships in 49 Days, NC Archdale 
Dated 08-2023
- 0 $4,499.89
31 HIC-HC00725440 Hubbell Speed Switch 2220 
Part HC00725440 
part 2220-123CC4S 
aka HC00725440 
Ships in 20 Days 
Dated 1-19
- 0 $7,400.00
32 HIC-HC00726340 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-221CC13S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00726340
- 0 $7,118.00
33 HIC-HC00726400 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-221CC4 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00726400
- 0 $5,844.00
34 HIC-HC00726440 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-221CC4S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00726440
- 0 $7,400.00
35 HIC-HC00726940 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-221CC9S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00726940
- 0 $9,738.00
36 HIC-HC00727300 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-222CC13 [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00727300
- 0 $5,840.00
37 HIC-HC00728440 Hubbell SPD SWITCH 2220-223CC4S [Lead time: 4-6 wks] 
aka HC00728440
- 0 $7,680.00
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Magnet Controls

Magnet Controls
   • 4291 Euclid Magnet Controllers
     Varistor Type
   • 4292 Compact Magnet
   • Controller YARDMASTER
   • 4292P Compact Magnet
     Controller YARDMASTER PUP
   • 4295 Euclid Magnet Controller
     Resistor Type Auto Discharge
   • 4296 Euclid Magnet Controller
     Resistor Type Manual
   • 4310 Lifting Magnet Disconnect
   • 4320 Lifting Magnet Power
   • Service Bulletins (Publications)
Hubbell Euclid Magnet Controllers utilize heavy duty components and circuitry arranged to provide optimum control of your lifting magnet. Full featured NEMA Type 1 or 3R enclosed magnet controllers are available for immediate shipment. Of course, we welcome inquiries for custom applications as well.
DC Devices

DC Devices
   • 42264 Type 264 400 AMP
     600 Volt DC Contactor
   • 42700 Type 700 1250 AMP
     1000 Volt DC Contactor
   • 42703 Type 703 5000 AMP
     1000 Volt DC Contactor
   • 42710 Type 710 700 AMP
     1500 Volt DC Contactor Dual
     Two Pole Switch
   • 42711 42712 Type 711/712
     1600 AMP 1500 Volt DC
     Motor Operated Switch
   • 42716 Type 716 1600 AMP
     1500 Volt DC Contactor
   • 42720 Type 720 200 AMP
     600 Volt DC Contactor
   • Service Bulletins (Publications)
The latest addition to the Hubbell Industrial Controls family are DC Devices used in solid-state adjustable speed drives, uninterruptable power supplies, fuel cells, crane controls, transit and rail vehicles, gas and oil well drilling equipment, mining machinery, and more. These devices are ideal for a wide range of heavy duty applications.
Electronic Components

Electronic Components
   • 5330 Electronic Frequency
   • 5350 Static In-Line Timer
   • 5360 Arc Suppressor
   • 5370 DC Electronic Overload
The Bulletin 5330 Electronic Frequency Relay (EFR) master/slave system is designed to be used with wound rotor motor controls. The master unit is a complete frequency relay providing one point of frequency detection.
The Bulletin 5350 Static In-Line Timer is a solid state timing unit for use in AC or DC contactor and relay control.
The Bulletin 5360, Hubbell Arc Suppressor, is designed to reduce contact arcing in DC control circuits where the inductive coil loads of contactors and relays are interrupted.
The Bulletin 5370 Electronic Overload Relay receives line current signals from an ammeter shunt and performs both the Inverse Time as well as the instantaneous Trip functions normally performed by two (2) separate electro-mechanical overload relays.
Limit Switches

Limit Switches
   • 4220 Euclid Power Limit Switch
   • 4225 Quick Break Power Limit
   • Series 54 Geared Rotary
     Limit Switch NEMA 1-12
   • Series 55 Geared Rotary Limit
     Switch NEMA 4, 7, 9
Type 4220: D-C Limit Switches are devices that are used to interrupt the main power circuit, setting up a dynamic braking circuit that quickly stops hook travel with a minimum of drift.
A-C Limit Switches are similar in construction to D-C Limit Switches. The difference is in operation. A-C Limit Switches disconnect two power lines to the hoist motor which then is stopped by a magnetic brake.
Type 4225: Euclid quick break limit switches for hoists are normally closed by the weight of the striking lever. The movement of the lever on its upward travel, when engaged by the hoist hook block on its upward travel, causes the switch to quickly break the circuit to the motor with very little upward movement of the crane hook. The switch is automatically reset by the weight of the striking lever when the hook is lowered.
AC/DC Contactors and Relays

AC/DC Contactors and Relays
   • 5110 AC Magnetic Contactor
   • 5210 DC Magnetic Contactor
   • 5247 Alternating Relay
   • 5320 Euclid DC Relay
   • Service Bulletins (Publications)
Rugged Euclid contactors feature many unique design and engineering advancements that greatly simplify applications, installations and servicing. Over 65 years of experience in design as well as manufacturing has been incorporated into these highly reliable units.
DC Relays, Type 5320, general purpose control, voltage sensitive, current, and plugging relays are built to withstand severe service using the latest technology in materials for insulating and high-strength. They are recommended for use on heavy industry dc drives such as cranes and mill auxiliaries.
Master Switch/Drum Controllers

Master Switch/Drum Controllers
   • 4211 Mini-Master Switch
   • 4215 Magnet Controller
     Lift/Drop Switches
   • 4216 Cam Operated Master
   • 4253 Class 53 Master Switch
   • 4258 Class 58 Drum Switch
   • Service Bulletins (Publications)
Type 4211 Mini-Master: The Euclid Mini-Master Switch uses a handle operated cam switch mechanism in a NEMA rated housing. It is engineered for use where master switch control is preferred, for CMAA duty overhead crane and similar applications.
Type 4216 Mill Master: These master switches are of rugged construction to withstand the rough service encountered on applications in the steel mills, such as crane, coal, and ore bridges, blooming and rolling mill auxiliaries, etc., where either floor or desk mounting is required.
Type 4253: Master Switches are used to provide single handle pilot control of hoists, cranes, oven pushers, car movers and other equipment requiring speed steps of wound rotor or direct current motors.
Type 4258: Drum Controllers start, stop and change the speed and/or rotating direction of reversible AC and DC electric motors.
Magnetic Drum Brakes

Magnetic Drum Brakes
   • Class 5010 Type F Magnetic
     Drum Brakes
   • Class 5060 Type AT Adjustable
     Torque Brakes
   • Class 5010 Brake Rectifier
   • Brake Shoes, Linings, Bolts
     and Pins
   • Service Bulletins (Publications)
Class 5010 Type F: Magnetic drum brakes are spring set, electrically released, drum type friction brakes which are used with either AC or DC motors, used as holding brakes on DC series motor drives, crane hoists, mill drives, and transfer cars.
Class 5060 Type AT: Adjustable torque brakes are dual-purpose, drum-type friction brakes that combine an electrically released, spring-set holding brake with an electrically operated, adjustable torque stopping brake within one brake frame.
Class 5010 Brake Rectifier: Converts AC line power to DC for use with a rectifier operated brake. A high speed forcing circuit provides optimum operation of the brake.
LED Bridge Crane Lighting

LED Bridge Crane Lighting
LED Bridge Crane Lighting: The HBLC LED Highbay is specifically designed to be used on heavy industrial bridge cranes while utilizing AC or DC input voltage. Custom engineered LED optics provide evenly distributed light for bridge crane operators and others working under the crane for increased visibility and safety.
Pendant Pushbutton Stations

Pendant Pushbutton Stations
   • 2040 Euclid PBM Pendant
   • 2030 Compact Pendant Station
   • 2020 Euclid PBP Pendant
   • 2015, 2016, 2017 Euclid
     Pendant Station
   • 2001 Euclid HD Steel Pendant
   • PBC, WPBC and XPBC
     Replacement Parts
HD stations of heavy duty steel or aluminum may be pendant or surface mounted. They are shipped fully assembled and ready for customer connections.
PBC, WPBC, and XPBC are cam operated stations assembled in a variety of enclosure types. These stations are available with special circuit configuration and can be from one to five speeds, stepped or stepless operation. Many options are available for this type of station, including duplex construction with conduit boxes selector switches and many other special features.
Power Resistors

Power Resistors
   • SSR Type 3003 Power
   • SSR Type 3003 Power
     Resistor Frame
   • SSR Type 3003 Power
     Resistor Metal Cover
   • Euclid Type 3004 K Power
   • HHC Type 3005 Power
Hubbell Type SSR Power resistors from 1.3 amps through 101 amps are available, from unassembled to completely assembled in frames with covers. Standard assemblies are pre-engineered for primary or secondary resistance, and are used in typical applications such as motor starting or dynamic braking. Construction elements are stainless steel around a porcelain insulator, manufactured for endurance and reliability.
Heavy duty Types K1 and HHC resistors also utilize continuous stainless steel elements, with no weld joints where hot spots could develop. These resistors are available in ranges from 38 amps to 695 amps.
Pressure Switches

Pressure Switches
   • 4269ES 69ES Pressure Switch
     Water Systems
   • 4269W 69W Pressure Switch
     Water Systems
   • 4269J 69J Pressure Switch
     Air Systems
   • 4269H 69H Pressure Switch
     Air Systems
   • 4269SA 69 Pressure Switch
     Special Application
   • Available from stock
Hubbell pressure switches provide automatic control for air or water systems such as compressors, dry sprinkler systems, and well pumps or pumping systems. Thousands of variations are available to provide maximum flexibility at minimum cost.
Speed Switches

Speed Switches
   • 2200 Speed Switch Type PR
   • 2210 Speed Switch Type C
   • 2220 Speed Switch Type F
   • 2243 Speed Switch Type D
   • 2260 Speed Switch Type E
   • 2310 Speed Switch
Speed responsive switches detect motion, or sense over-speed or under-speed occurrences of industrial machinery or motors. Hubbell Industrial Controls, Inc. has both direct coupled or non-contact type switches for; directional, non-directional, plugging, anti-plugging, over-speed, under-speed, and also zero-speed applications. Many enclosure styles are available including surface or flange mounting with NEMA 3, 4, 7, 9, 10 or 13 construction.
Radio Control Products

Radio Control Products
A typical radio remote control system consists of a portable transmitter carried by the operator, and a receiver installed on the crane, the locomotive, or other remote machinery. Each system operates on a licensed frequency in the 72 to 76 MHz or the 450 to 470 MHz bands, requiring the user to have an FCC license for the transmitter.
Disconnect Switches

Disconnect Switches
   • 4245 Euclid Manual-Magnetic
     Disconnect Switch
   • 4310 Lifting Magnet
     Disconnect Switch
   • 5140 Fused And Non-Fused
     Disconnect Switch
Type 4245: The Manual-Magnetic Disconnect Switches are combinations manually and magnetically operated contactors enclosed in a NEMA Type wall-mounted enclosure.
The contactors for the disconnect switches are the same as the contactors used on Euclid's crane and mill type magnetic controllers. Silver faced contacts are standard.
Type 5410: Fused Disconnect - Rated 30amp-200amp. UL Listed.
Line-Arc AC and DC Contactors

Line-Arc AC and DC Contactors
   • 7004 Type M Line-Arc DC
   • 8503 Type M Line-Arc AC
Class 7004 Type M Line-Arc® DC Contactors: Extremely rugged, mill duty DC contactors. Built of the highest-grade materials and tested to the toughest duty standards, Type M contactors feature the LINE-ARC method of arc extinction for the longer tip life. The Type M also features steel pan mounting and readily accessible power and control terminations.
Class 8503 Type M Line-Arc® AC Contactors: AC version of our Class 7004 Type M contactor. Ideally suited to control AC mill motors, these contactors are designed especially for heavy industry AC drives, such as cranes and mill auxiliaries. Furnished with a DC operating coil, rectifier blocks are available to supply power for several contactors.
Lifting Magnet Controllers

Lifting Magnet Controllers
  • Class 6815 Type A Lifting
    Magnet Controllers
  • Class 6815 Type M
    Magnet Controllers
  • Class 6815 Type MF Magnet
    Controllers with Fanning
  • Class 6815 Type MG1 Lever
    Lift-Drop Master Switch
   • Service Bulletins (Publications)
Power Limit Switches

Youngstown Power Limit Switches
   • 6170 Youngstown Power
     Limit Switches for AC and
     DC Cranes
   • 6715 Tab-Weld Resistors
   • Service Bulletins (Publications)
This OSHA-required switch limits crane hoist over-travel in the hoisting direction. It is operated by the crane hoist hook block and directly interrupts the hoist motor current. EC&M created the first power limit switches used on cranes to help provide the highest level of crane safety. Youngstowns feature an automatic gravity reset mechanism, sealed bearings, and right- or left-hand operating arms.
Replacement Parts

Replacement Parts and Modification Kits
   • DC Coil
   • Replacement Parts Kits
   • Type MX11 Electrical Interlocks
   • Type AI1 Arc Suppressor
   • Types MM1, MM2, MM3, MM4,
     MM5 Mechanical Interlocks
   • Types KX3, KX4, KX5 Contact
   • Type ML1, ML2, ML3 Lug Kits
   • Types MT1, MT2, MT3, MT4,
     MT5 Tie Bar Kit
   • Pneumatic Timer Kit
   • Type K DC Relays
   • Type ST DC Static Timer
   • Type SSI DC Acceleration
   • 9055 Magnetic Current
     Overload Relays
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